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working hard to make our clients happy.

While our projects often involve lots of acronyms like EDI, SQL, HIPAA, X12, ERP, B2B...that's not what we're about. Hughes Systems Group focuses on using our technical abilities and years of experience to create trusting, long-lasting relationships with like-minded people and organizations. Our business model is dependent on the value of human relationships, not technology.

The concepts that we value:


The Work:

EDI Solution Design and Implementation:  Is EDI is critical to your business? Then we want to help you choose the right tools, implement them efficiently, and help you benefit from our years of experience putting these solutions together.

Sage ERP Consulting:  We know the good, the bad, and the ugly with these applications. We know which partners do exceptional work, and we'll help you make the right decisions when it comes to getting your ERP system to serve your business. Services often include complete environment reviews, initial implementations, custom financial reporting, business process automation, data warehouse development, and end-user training.

Web Solutions:  We provide functional, elegant Web solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing applications. Given our deep integration experience and thorough understanding of our clients' environments, adding targeted Web solutions is a natural fit. We fight to keep things light, clean, and designed for scalability.


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